Ben Hong
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"The guy who shows up to show me how to play the cello is nothing like what I expected. I thought it would be a stiff guy. But my guy is like a Ninja cellist. He's a really fit, goodlooking Asian dude, and he comes to my place with his cello strapped to his back. The first time he came, there were some ladies at my place when he started to play, they just went all dreamy over him. They were fascinated and when I saw how impressed they were, I thought: 'Oh, my God, I got to learn to play the cello!'"

-- Jamie Foxx
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(Los Angeles -- April 2009) -- Cellist Ben Hong worked behind the scenes of the soon-to-be-released Dreamworks film, "The Soloist." He was hired to serve multiple roles for the movie:

Hired as cello instructor to Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx, Tom Hollander and Justin Martin

Served as music technical advisor for the director, Joe Wright

Recorded all of the solo cello music featured on the movie soundtrack as well as the playback tracks (cont.)